Christine Hillingdon

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The Maddest Kind of Love

When Carissa and Jaye fell in love, it wasn’t their time. She was planning a wedding and he was already married. Now, twenty years later, they find each other again, but he is planning a funeral and she is married. Cyberspace becomes a confidant to Carissa and Jaye’s staggeringly honest emails about themselves. Things they’ve never shared with anybody. And despite everything, Carissa falls for Jaye all over again.

Their affair is renewed, fraught with guilt and the dangers of being caught. This time it’s so different. Cancer, menopausal sex, and getting to know each other is frustrating, exciting, and exhausting, both mentally and physically. Life is more complicated. Is this the right time?

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The Girl From Far Away

THE GIRL FROM FAR AWAY is about JENNY, a primary school student who befriends a new girl just before school holidays are due to commence.

ADELINE is the new girl. She looks a bit weird and acts a bit weird. She is pretty, rather quiet, yet pleasant enough to talk to. Jenny has come to be friends with Adeline as well as with her parents and elder brother, Esmond. They are renting a huge old house in the Adelaide hills, while her father completes an important business trip.

Jenny ends up going to stay with them for a couple of days.

It is during this time that she comes to learn a lot more about Adeline and her rather strange family.

It leads on to an adventure like no other Jenny has ever experienced.
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